Administration fees and tariffs for corporate customers

Each cambio tariff consists of basic fees and travel fees. Click on the tariffs name flag in the upper grid to see the details. The travel fees in the chart below will change accordingly.

The prices below are displayed in euros and exclusive of VAT. Invoicing however is based on the prices inclusive of VAT which you can find here. The prices exclusive of VAT are rounded up to two decimal places which is why your invoice might contain rounding differences.

cambio basic fees

Profi Business
monthly admin. fee (*) 18.49 1.68
monthly administration fee 1.68 1.68
All prices in euros and inclusive of VAT. (*) This fee includes the costs for one person.
Recommended for companies using cars mainly from monday till friday.

Travel fees

Profi / price class S M L
time price
hourly rate night (11pm - 7am) 0.42 0.42 0.42
hourly rate workday (mo-fr 7am - 12pm) 1.18 1.60 3.28
hourly rate weekend (fr 12pm - mo 7am) 1.43 1.85 4.12
daily rate (24h - start at any time) 17.65 24.37 41.18
rate per km      
up to 100 km, including fuel 0.20 0.22 0.31
over 101 km, including fuel 0.12 0.12 0.17
Trips abroad: Fuel is not included in trips taken abroad. Therefore cambio reduces the cost by 9c per kilometer.

Subject to adjustment
Since cambio travel fares are inclusive of fuel, the price can be adjusted by three cents per kilometre without prior notice. Hence, the distance costs in our printed price lists can alter by about three cents more or less than displayed. However, the prices displayed in the grid above are valid for the time being.

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