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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I pick up my car?

Any time you like ...              more

Do I have to pick up my car on the dot?

You can - but you don't have to ...              more

How do I get my car key?

By using your cambioCard ...              more

Can I start straight away?

Yes - but please check the car for damage first ...              more

Which cars can I book? Which features are available?

All cars are new vehicles, not older than 3-4 years ...              more

What about hands-free Bluetooth kits?

They are available in all new five-door Ford Fiesta ...              more

Do I need to refuel the car each time I use it?

No, but the tank should be 1/4 full when you return it ...              more

What about insurance?

Fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover ...              more

Do I have to clean the car?

Please take away your rubbish at the end of the trip ...              more

How much do I have to pay in case of an accident?

Nothing if wasn't your fault! Otherwise between ¤200
and ¤1,000 depending on a few factors ...              more

What if the car isn't clean before I start?

Book another car or use a car wash at our expense ...              more

Can I let someone else drive?

Yes, as long as you remain in the car and ...              more

Is smoking allowed in cambio cars?

No! All cambio cars are "No Smoking Areas" ...              more

Do I have to pay for fuel myself?

No, we take care of that ...              more

Can I take my pet in the car?

Remember that some users are allergic to pet hairs ...              more

Can I drive abroad with cambio?

Not all countries are covered by our insurance ...              more

How do you calculate prices for journeys abroad?

You pay the fuel - we will charge you less ...              more

What happens if I'm late?

Call our call centre BEFORE your reservation expires...              more

What if the car I've booked is not available?

Call us - we will book another car for you ...              more

What if the parking bay is occupied when I return?

Look for a common parking space and call us ...              more

Can I return the car to a different location?

Only when using a Hertz rental car ...              more

What documents are in the car?

Driver reports, fuel card, logbook, registration ...              more

What do I do if the car breaks down?

Breakdown information is inside the logbook ...              more

What happens in the case of an accident?

Stay calm, call the police and our reservation service ...              more

What if I lose my cambioCard?

Call our reservation service straight away ...              more

What if I forget my PIN?

Please call your local cambio office ...              more

Can I drive CarSharing cars from other cities too?

Yes, in all cambio-cities and also elsewhere ...              more

Are the prices in Belgium the same as in Germany?

Not entirely, since VAT and car costs differ ...              more

Can I use my cambioCard for other CarSharing cars too?

In some cities you can ...              more

Why should I book a Hertz car via cambio?

Easy booking without credit card and at special prices ...              more

What about insurance for Hertz cars?

The general terms of the Hertz price list apply ...              more
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