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About cambio

About cambio

cambio is one of the biggest independent CarSharing providers. Over 61,000 customers are using more than 1,700 cambio cars in 15 German cities and in 29 cities throughout Belgium.

The history of cambio begins with the ecological movement in the early nineties. In 1990 and 1992, environmentally committed people in the German cities of Aachen, Bremen and Cologne started a new way to use cars on a joint basis.

The number of customers increased continuously throughout the nineties and the service became more and more professional. In March 2000, the three formerly independent CarSharing companies in Aachen, Bremen and Cologne decided to merge and to found the cambio Group. With joint forces it became possible to improve the service and to extend it to other cities.

Today, the cambio Group is still exclusively owned by its customers and its staff members.

45 percent of all cambio trips are made for corporate use. Currently, more than 1,550 companies and authorities are using cambio.

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