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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend or shorten a reservation?

Of course, you are free to extend or to shorten your reservation. This can be done via internet, cambioApp or by calling our reservation service.

Extending a reservation

Please make sure you always call our reservation service BEFORE your reservation ends. Then there are two options:
a. If there is no reservation for car just after yours, you can extend your booking without any extra charges.
b. If another customer has already booked the car, you can also extend your reservation but we will charge you with a supplement of 15 euros.

Shortening a reservation

Again, there are two options:
a. more than 24 hours before the start of the reservation: you can either shorten your reservation or cancel it entirely at no extra charge.
b. less than 24 hours before: you can save 65% of the time costs since any remaining time will be only be charged at 35% of the time costs.

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