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Vehicles in Berlin

Fiesta 2012 5-türig (Price class S)

Fiesta 2012 5-türig




L:3950mm, W:1722mm, H:1481mm


empty weight: 1118kg,
loading capacity: 427kg

Loading volume

0,48 cbm ( jeweils mit umgeklappter Rücksitzbank )
L108 x B77 x H58


Antiblockiersystem, Beifahrer-Airbag, CD-Player, Fahrer-Airbag, Kopfstützen hinten, Kopfstützen vorn, Radio, Servolenkung, Zentralverriegelung,
Letzte Bank kann umgeklappt werden!

Travel fees price class  S
Profi Business
hourly rate night (11pm - 7am) 0.50 4.50
hourly rate (7am - 11pm) -- 4.50
hourly rate workday (mo-fr 7am - 12pm) 1.40 --
hourly rate weekend (fr 12pm - mo 7am) 1.70 --
daily rate (24h - start at any time) 21.00 32.00
rate per km    
up to 100 km, including fuel 0.24 0.13
over 101 km, including fuel 0.14 --
Trips abroad: Fuel is not included in trips taken abroad. Therefore cambio reduces the cost by 9c per kilometer.

Currently available at the following locations

Böckh, Bötzow, Gneisenau, Hobrecht, Paul-Lincke, Reichenberg, Schönhauser, Urban, Wrangel

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