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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start straight away?

You can start your trip (almost) immediately. But first you are obliged to check whether the car has any visible damages. At night you can use the torch provided in the glove box of each car.

Should you spot something, please refer to the logbook first. This is usually located in the glove box. On the first page there is a list with all registered damages and on the inside cover of the logbook you will find sketches depicting these.

- If the damage is already registered, you can start straight away.

- If the damage is not registered in the logbook, please call our reservation service and describe the damage. Our reservation service staff will decide upon whether you can still use this car despite the damage or if your booking needs to be changed.

Please do not write anything in the logbook as this is the responsibility of the cambio fleet staff. They service the vehicles on a regular basis - the customers simply check in the meantime.

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