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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the case of an accident?

First of all, please try to stay calm. You will find all necessary information inside the cambio logbook.

1. Secure the scene of the accident. If necessary, seek assistance and always call the police. Never sign any paperwork admitting that you caused the accident.

2. Call our reservation service as soon as you can. Our staff will support you and register the necessary data regarding the accident. They will also decide on how to proceed with the car.

3. Hand over the cambio contact details sheet to the other party involved. You will find it inside the logbook in section "Unfall/Panne" (accident/breakdown).

4. Write down the police's log book number ("Tagebuch-Nummer") for the accident. In some cases the police will give you a copy of the accident report. Please hand it over to your local cambio office together with the completed European Accident Report which you will also find in the cambio logbook too.

Please note: remember to always call the police - also in the case of so-called minor loss (such as hit and run parking damages). If possible, collect contact details from witnesses at the scene.

cambio will take are of all further proceedings.

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