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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate prices for journeys abroad?

If you want to travel abroad and it's likely that you will need to refill the tank there, it is essential that you fill out a driver report. The procedure for refuelling is the same as with a standard car rental:

You pay the fuel yourself, but the travel fees per kilometre will be reduced.
(also see "trips abroad" under Find out more).

Please proceed as follows:

1. Fill in the driver report form before you start, indicating the starting mileage and tagging the word "Auslandsfahrt" (trip abroad) .
2. Completely fill the tank at the next filling station, using the cambio fuel card.
3. After the initial refuelling, all others will be at your own expense - including the last one.
4. Complete the driver report at the end of your trip by indicating the end mileage, the date, the time and by signing it.

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