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Frequently Asked Questions


Up to what point does CarSharing make financial sense?

If you drive less than 10,000 kilometres per annum ...              more

Which tariff would suit me best?

It depends upon your driving profile ...              more

Can I change my tariff?

Of course! At the end of each month ...              more

What do I need to join CarSharing?

Full driving licence + credit rating check ...              more

Are new drivers allowed to drive a cambio car?

Drivers between 18 and 25 years has only to sign a SafetyPack...              more

Can I drive as much as I want to?

Yes - as long as you stay within your credit limit ...              more

Can I allow another person to drive on my account?

Sure - just get a cambio PartnerCard ...              more

I need more information - what can I do?

Select Request Information or click on more...              more

I've received the "Info Package" but still have questions

Refer to our handbook, give us a call or drop by ...              more

I want to become a customer - what do I have to do?

Register online at Join now or go for the classic way...              more

How do I pay for the trips I've made?

By direct debit and after receipt of your invoice ...              more

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You don't have to but you can get 4.8% interest for it ...              more

How soon can I get started?

Within five working days; or possibly even sooner ...              more

Is CarSharing different from car rental?

Yes, there are crucial differences ...              more
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