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About cambio

Cambio is a carsharing organisation and operates in several Belgian cities.
Wallonia was the first Belgian Region to start with cambio in 2002. Brussels followed in May 2003 and in September 2004 the cambio carsharing system also started in Flanders. Cambio Belgium has more than 15,000 users, a car fleet with more than 500 cars spread across 220 stations in 27 Belgian cities.

Cambio cooperates closely with VAB (the largest Flemish automobile association), De Lijn (public transport operator in Flanders), MIVB/STIB (public transport operator in Brussels) and TEC (public transport operator in Wallonia). We do our publicity actions together with these partners. Season ticket holders with one of these partners can benefit from a few advantages if they want to join cambio. In this way more and more people make use of cambio's carsharing system. In 2009 the NMBS-holding (Belgian railways) also decided to participate in the project. This completes the cooperation between cambio and public transport. Furthermore local, regional and federal authorities participate: they help with the financing, give policy support and provide the necessary stations.

More and more companies use cambio carsharing. About 40 percent of all cambio trips are made for corporate use.

Together with its foreign partner organisations cambio has more than 50,000 users in Belgium, Germany and Ireland and a fleet of 1,500 cars.

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