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Campus Tariff

If you study in the city or live in a student appartment, a car isn't really necessary, right ?

By foot, by bike, bus, tram and train you get everywhere you need to (or want to)... Most of the time ... we know a car may come in handy from time to time.

For that, we created a special "CAMPUS tariff". Cambio CAMPUS allows you to use a car when you need one...without having to buy one.

For only 9€ per month (insurance included!) you have access to the cambio fleet in your city and in all other major cities in Belgium. You can use our city cars (car class S) and our small vans (car class M).

All who have a driving license are welcome in our CAMPUS tariff. There is no age restriction.

How much does it cost ?

At cambio you pay by driven kilometers and by the hours you have booked the car.
Here are our rates. Under class S you will find the cost of using a city car and in class M you will see the cost for using a small van.

Your advantages !

  • Fuel and insurance are included in the price.
  • There is no costly insurance as a young driver. In case of damage or accident, you pay a maximum of 200 € franchise thanks to the Safety Pack.
  • If you ever need motorized transport, you always have a car by the hand. Just book and you can drive off.
  • No worries with a cambio car (no maintenance, no paper shop about insurance, taxes, ...)
  • Every cambio car has a fixed reserved parking spot, no hassle with searching for a parking spaces.

Good to know !

  • You only need a driver's license. In this tariff, no need to be at least 25 or to have a driving license for at least two years.
  • You can book a car with the cambioApp, via internet or by phone... at any time.
  • You can use a car for one hour, but you may also take several hours, days or more.
  • You receive a monthly detailed invoice per mail (to be paid via domiciliation).
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • The Safety Pack is mandatory
  • Invoices must be received via mail and paid via domiciliation
  • Your usage limit (the total amount of unpaid invoices, untreated trips and booked futuire trips) is limited to 100€

Interested ?

Cambio CAMPUS that's just simple!

Join us and follow our infosession online.This shows you how easy it is to use our cars. You will receive your personal cambio card that allows you to book and open the cambio cars.

Just remember : you are required to take a Safety Pack (the additional insurance). Additionally, we ask for the invoices to be paid via domiciliation and to receive invoices by mail.