Cars without worries

Cars without worries

Maintenance and repairs: we take care of it!

Having your own company fleet takes a lot of work. Choosing the right model, negotiating advantageous insurance and financing rates, planning maintenance, ... Thanks to cambio you can concentrate on what really matters: your core business. We offer well maintained and omnium insured cars by request.

Take control of your transportation needs

Checking fuel consumption, processing maintenance invoices, mileage allowances, ... Even your bookkeepers have to put a lot of time in your company cars.
With cambio, you can say goodbye to fuel invoices: every cambio car has its own fuel card to refuel on the go, at our expense.
Every month you receive a detailed invoice. For your convenience every reservation is listed seperately so you can easily track costs for all of your projects.
It will save your bookkeepers a lot of time!

Let your employees focus on their job, not the car

Cambio cars are recent, well maintained vehicles with an omnium insurance. The chances of technical problems are minimal. Nonetheless as a precaution, all our cars are signed up for a breakdown service. In case of any troubles, your employees won't be left stranded by the side of the road.

Even an accident doesn't have to encumber you, following up on insurance claims is also included in the cambio service.