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Reduce your expenses

Reduce your expenses

Having your own car is expensive, even more so if it spends more time parked than moving. Cambio can make a difference: other than a limited monthly subscription there are no fixed costs. This means you only pay when you drive. Financially, this is very interesting for those who don't drive very often. Because having your own car costs money ... even when it's parked.

* 7.000 km/year? Savings up to 1.116 euro a year *
* 3.500 km/year? Savings up to 2.100 euro a year *

Curious how much money you can save by subscribing to cambio?

Check the mileage of your car. Are you driving less than 10.000 kilometres a year? Are you not using your car to commute? In this case, cambio will be cheaper for you.

The lower your current mileage, the more you can save. Someone who only drives 7.000 kilometres a year can save around 1.100 euro yearly. For those who only drive sporadically (e.g. around 3.500 kilometres a year), the profit goes up to 2.100 euro yearly!

You can easily save several hundreds or thousands of euros a year with cambio. This logic also extends to owning a second or third car. Replacing these with a cambio subscription could quite possibly save you a lot of money!

On top of that, there are still so many other advantages: no worries about maintenance, no administration and parking won't cause you a headache.

Look below and compare the cost of your own car versus a cambio car.

This is of course also the case for a second or third car...