Cambio: a visual tutorial

Cambio in practice

Discover how easy it is to use cambio cars!

In this short tutorial we show you exactly how the cambio system works. Step by step, we show you how to book a car, how to open the car, how to...everything. After these 8 minutes, you'll be a real cambio expert!
The video is followed by a short quiz. Test your cambio knowledge!

If you pass the test, we give you the opportunity to leave your contact info. We keep the result of the test and if you decide to become a cambio member you wont need to do the test again*.

For other questions, take a look at our Q&A or contact the client service.

*We ask all new members to look at the video and to do the test. This allows you to understand our system fully and it ensures us we dont have to worry when you take one of our cars :-). If you do this now, no need to do it again after your subscription.