Joining cambio is very easy.

1. Fill in the online order form
When you complete and submit the order form, we receive all your information to start up your cambio membership. We make your personal cambio card and send it to you by post.

2. Complete the subscription procedure
After filling in the order form, we ask that you complete a couple of formalities: we need a signed copy of your order form, together with a copy of your identity documents and driving licence. You are also expected to pay the one-time registration fee. You will receive the necessary instructions by email, just follow them to complete your subscription.

3. An infosession
Before you drive a cambio car for the first time, we explain how everything works in detail. You can follow this info session online using the link you receive in your confirmation mail. Cambio also organizes live info sessions in the cities where we are active.
Please contact us if a live info session is more convenient for you, we will gladly inform you when and where you can find us.

Your personal cambio card
Every cambio member receives their own personal cambio card (a contactless chip card). It will be sent to you by post and you should receive it shortly after completing the online order form.
Your card will be activated automatically once all formalities are in order and you have completed an info session.

Once your card is activated, you can make reservations and drive our cars.

Who is it for?
Anyone can join cambio but there's a restriction to keep in mind: either you must have had your driving licence for a mimimum of 2 years or you must be over the age of 25 (and own a valid driving licence).

A car where and when you want
As a cambio member, you always have a car available to you ... at any time. Cambio offers you a fleet with a range of car models. Family visit or small relocation? We have a car that fits your needs.
The choice of pickup location is yours: in your own or another cambio city. Sporadically... or a couple of times a week? Anything is possible and we have several tariffs to match.

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