How it works

Contribute to a better environment

Cambio helps you to save a lot of money and contributes to a better environment.

Less cars on the road
Every cambio car replaces up to 12 private cars. Multiply this with the many cars which the cambio fleet has and you will realize this is already a considerable saving (this means 6,500 cars less on public roads since cambio was founded!). This doesn't only mean more free public space. Less cars on the road means less cars that have to be produced.

Less kilometres with your car
With time cambio users will drive less with a car after they have joined cambio (instead they will use a bike, public transport, ... more). Every driven kilometre that can be saved is a nice advantage: both for the user and for the environment. In addition, cambio offers you a car in accordance with your needs. You choose the most appropriate car for every trip.

'Green' cars
Of course, cambio cars also have an impact on the environment. The choice of our models is based on several environmental factors such as CO2 emission, ecoscore, fuel consumption, ... In addition, we replace our cars after maximum of 4 years, assuring we can always introduce new and more environmentally friendly cars in our fleet.

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