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Business meeting?

Maybe employees in your company, office or organization are expected to use their own car for work from time to time?
This might not always be practical, especially for employees who don't commute by car. Moreover, who will cover their expenses when their vehicle is damaged while driving for work?
Thanks to cambio your employees no longer have to use their own car for business transport.

Or maybe your company or office has its own fleet... where several cars aren't being used for days on end during quieter times. Or where there's a shortage when it's getting busy?
With cambio, you have an adaptive fleet at any time. Wether you need a couple of cars at any given time, or just one... Cambio assures your employees have cars available to them when they need them.

Flexibility in your fleet

Sometimes one or several small city cars is all you need. At other times, you might need a more spacious vehicle such as a utility van or a minivan?
Cambio offers the flexibility your company needs with a balanced variety of cars.

In any case, you'll gain a lot of flexibility.You only pay for the cars by type only for the times when you actually need them: be it for an hour, a day or even several weeks.

With cambio you can do (almost) anything...

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