We at cambio carsharing share the general concern about the evolution of the covid-19 coronavirus. The wellbeing and health of all our users (and staff) are the top priority for the entire cambio team.

Therefore, we ask all our members to consider the guidelines of the Public Health Department. You can always consult these at :

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Always use new paper tissues. Dispose of them and throw them away in a closed dustbin
  • If you don’t have a tissue handy, sneeze or cough into the crease of your elbow.
  • If you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home.

As long as you respect these guidelines, you do not have to worry to use our vehicles.

The coronavirus is transmitted from person to person through droplets produced when coughing or sneezing. Via these droplets, the virus ends up in the air, on objects and surfaces. Whoever inhales these droplets or gets them through their hands into their mouth, nose or eyes can become infected with the virus. (FPS Public Health)

In other words, the contamination mainly occurs after direct contact with a coughing or sneezing person. In a cambio car this risk is rather limited.

Our fleet operators, who are on the road every day to keep the cars in perfect shape, pay extra attention to the hygiene of our vehicles.

Nevertheless, we have to close our offices for visitors temporarily to avoid unnecessary risks. That way our staff members can focus on keeping our services and cars available at all times. The customer service and call center can of course still be reached via phone and e-mail.

We are closely monitoring the situation. If the situation evolves, we will take appropriate measures.

Take care of yourself and of each other,

Your cambio team

Why doesn't Cambio provide disinfectant wipes or sanitizer gel in the cars?

Cambio: "Our fleet is too large and too dispersed to guarantee that such items are replenished in time. If people would count on this and upon departure find out that there are no more wipes or gel, than they would have a problem. That is why we advise our members to bring these items themselves.

Of course you can always wash your hands with water and soap after the use of a cambio car, like you do after other activities.

We ourselves pay extra attention to the cleaning of the dashboard etc. during the maintenance of our cars."