I have reached my usage limit. How do I purchase ride credit?

Some months simply aren’t like others, and sometimes you need to drive more. It can happen that you have hit your usage limit and are no longer able to make reservations.

Don’t panic! There is an easy solution.

Wire us an amount of your choice, mentioning ‘ride credit’. We will link the payment to your account. This amount then becomes an advance on your next invoice. This allows you to make reservations once more.

Are you often at your usage limit?
You might not have the correct tariff or it might be better to increase your financial contribution. Contact customer service, they will provide you with the best advice.
By the way, you can easily check if your tariff is right for you. In Mycambio, there is a ‘compare tariff’ tab. In just a few moments, you will know what fits your cambio usage the best.