Bruxelles / Brussel


The « Bizet » station is located at the intersection of rue Henri Deleers and rue Robert Buyck. 2 vehicles have been added.


The « Conseil » station is situated at the intersection of Place du Conseil and rue Georges Moreau, and now has 4 vehicles.


The « Veeweyde » station is located rue Félicien Rops, opposite the metro exit. 3 vehicles have been added.

Eddy Merckx 

At the corner of Avenue des Stellaires and Avenue Josse Leemans, you will see the « Eddy Merckx » station. 4 cars are now at your disposal.

Luther King

You will find the « Luther King » station at the corner of Place Martin Luther King and Avenue Marius Renard. This station went from 2 to 4 vehicles.


The « Prince » station is located on Avenue Commandant Vander Meeren, in front of number 3. The station now has 4 cars.


The « Scheut » station is near the police station on rue Démosthène, and now has 4 vehicles.