Getting on the road smoothly with our e-cargo bike

Avoid traffic. Stop wasting time looking for a parking spot – save a cargo’s worth of time with our e-cargo bike.


Ready for an ecological and practical mobility solution?

The ‘e-cargo bike’ project has been launched!

  • 14 electric cargo bikes are available for you in Brussels! At the Bourse, De Brouckère, Colruyt Gray in Etterbeek, and Miroir in Jette stations.
  • The cargo bikes are available for all cambio members and can be reserved using the cambioApp
  • Cost: 3,5€/hour incl VAT.
  • You can only ride the cargo bikes in the Brussels territory. 
  • The cargo bikes can be used from 07.00 until 23.00h

Info: During this startup phase, it’s not possible to pick up the cargo bike using a MOBIB-card. Always use the cambioApp.

Our e-cargo bike stations

Getting started with an electric cargo bike


  • Available for cambio members
  • Making a reservation using the cambioApp
  • Available from 07.00 until 23.00h
  • Cost = 3,5€/hour  incl VAT

Collecting the keys

  • Go to the safe at the station
  • Open the safe using the cambioApp (doesn’t work with a Mobib-card)
  • Take the key at the green light
  • On the keychain there is a key for the bike lock and a touch key to open the bike room

Picking up the bike

  • The cargo bikes are in a locked room. The room can be opened using a touch key, that you just retrieved from the safe.
  • The number of the cargo bike matches the number on the keychain.
  • Check the condition of the bike before departing.
  • Make sure there are 2 batteries present. 
  • Detach the charging cable.
  • Remove the anti-theft chain from the bike. 

Don’t forget to bring your bike helmet (and your passenger's). 


Don’t forget to:

  • Connect the cargo bike with the charging cable
  • Reattach the bike's anti-theft chain
  • Lock the room behind you
  • Return the keys to the safe
  • Close the safe

Good to know

Feel completely at ease with the E-cargo bike

Avoid traffic and improve the air quality in Brussels

No CO² emissions

Urban Arrow, supplier of the cargo bike in Brussels

The Urban Arrow Family combines a carrying capacity of up to 125kg and the flexibility of an electric bicycle. Bring your children to school or transport goods without wasting time in traffic. Extra benefit: no more parking stress!

Cairgo Bike: a European project

Cambio participates in the European project Cairgo Bike. The project was selected by ‘innovative city actions’, is being coordinated by Brussels Mobility and is spread over 3 years. The goal is to make the electric cargo bike into a worthy alternative for a car and so improving the air quality in the city.