Together, we make a difference.

Maybe not every one of you realizes it, but together we make a difference and contribute to more livable cities. This is thanks to you who share cambio vehicles and use it as an alternative to private cars. Like real  ‘pros’, you combine cambio with public transport, bike riding and walking! Fewer cars in our streets means more space for green spaces, playgrounds and, above all, better air quality.

Because yes, 1 cambio replaces 15 personal vehicles and each cambio is shared among 29 drivers on average. That amounts to *37940 fewer cars thanks to you! 

*2,710 (current number of cambio cars) x 15 (1 cambio car replaces 15 private cars) - 2710 (current number of cambio cars = 37,940 cars) | (converted into freed-up space, this is equivalent to 502,705 m2 or 78 soccer pitches).

After 20 years of existence and constant growth, the year 2023 marked a record for cambio, and it's all thanks to you. We closed this exceptional year with over a million trips made and no fewer than 70,648 users (WOW)!

Thanks to this, throughout the year, cambio was able to expand its offer in over 100 cities in Belgium and increase its fleet with over 1,000 new cars!

Hand in hand, we move towards a more sustainable future, because as you already know, it's together that we make a difference.