Av. de Jette (selaan) 280
1090 Jette

The safe containing the eCairgobikes access badges is located at -1 next to the Apcoa car park ticket payment terminals. The three eCargobikes are on your left then directly on the left also at -1 next to the surveillance room.
You can open the gate to the bikes with the access badge that you will have retrieved from the safe at -1 at the bottom of the stairs. In order to open the gate, you just have to affix the badge to the round lock that turns. It is recognizable by its blue LED which will then flash green. You have to turn this handle from left to right. A click is heard. You can open the secured door by the latch just above. At the end of your reservation, in order this time to secure the door of the screened room, simply affix the badge to the round lock which will flash green. You have to turn this handle from left to right to open the door secured by the latch. Put the cargo bike back on the stand by securing the bike with the padlock which is to be slipped into the trigger visible on the upper flap of the cabinet. WARNING: On leaving, you must close the door of the room AND badge again the knob below the latch. A green light will be visible to turn the wheel from right to left for a permanent closure. USEFUL NOTES: To exit the car park (accessible 24 hours a day) you can either use: *the main exit for all vehicles, and on the way back, bring the bike back through the main entrance. *the elevator. Here the cargobike must be positioned OBLIQUE to allow the doors to close.

Vehicle Classes

  • XS e-Cargobike