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Welcome to our portal 'Cambio B2B Check-in'

Through the company portal 'Cambio B2B Check-in', the employer or account representative can add employees to the cambio corporate account themselves. Employees only need to confirm this via the cambioApp.

The cambio corporate account is automatically updated without the intervention of our customer service, and employees have immediate access to the cambio cars.

You retain control and save valuable time.

Are you already a cambio customer but don't have access to our "B2B Check-in"?

You are an employer

Via the button below, you will find all the information on how to register your employees.

You are an employee

Your employer has just invited you to use cambio via a personal invitation code. Via the link below, you will find what you need to do exactly.

From pool card to 100% App

We will soon say goodbye to our pool cards for accessing the cars. Are you registered with cambio in a "Pool" subscription? Then you need to take action.