Parking barriers are installed on many of our stations. They ensure that you will have a parking space available upon your return. Unfortunately, we cannot or are not allowed to provide parking brackets at every station.

We have different types of barriers. The key for this barrier will always be attached to the car key.

Check our videos of the barriers:

Barrier type 1 & 2

Straighten: Pull the barrier upwards. It locks automatically.
Fold down: Take the barrier key, which is attached to the car's key ring. Insert it in the lock (at the foot of the gate). Turn it a quarter-turn until you feel the bracket release. Caution: make sure the gate is straight (unlike other models, do not force or apply pressure to the gate when unlocking it). Once the gate is unlocked, remove the key from the lock before folding it down completely.


Barrier type 3

Straighten: raise the barrier. It will lock automatically.
Fold down: take the barrier key from your car's key ring. Insert the key into the lock on the barrier and turn counter-clockwise. Push the gate down slightly. Remove the key from the lock before lowering it completely.