Good agreements make good friends. Especially when you share 1.300 vehicles with over 39.000 friends! We ask that all members adhere to the following rules within our cambio community:

  1. Smoking is not permitted in a cambio car.
  2. Pets cannot be transported in a cambio car.
  3. Please leave the car clean and tidy for the next user.
  4. Please return the car with at least one quarter still left in the fuel tank.
  5. Bring back the vehicle on time so that I don’t inconvenience the next user.
  6. Only let someone else drive the car when I am present in the vehicle. I assume the responsibility that this person meets all legal requirements and the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Use the provided fuel card or charge pass.
  8. Notify the reservation centre of any impending parking bans at the station.
  9. Use the parking barrier, if there is one on the station.
  10. Up to 24h before it is costfree to shorten or cancel a reservation. Less than 24h before a cost will be charged fort he cancelled hours. If you need to prolong your reservation, please do so longtime ahead.

In the event of a violation of these fair play rules, cambio may charge an additional cost, as specified in our tariffs.