My user limit has been reached. What happens next?

Your user limit has been reached. You can’t make any more reservations for rides. What does this mean?
Your user limit = unpaid rides + estimate of future rides + eventual unpaid invoices.

What can be done about this? Some possibilities:

  • You still have unpaid invoices. Check Mycambio to see if all invoices are paid for.
  • Your subscription is not entirely tailored to your needs. Need an upgrade? Ask about your new tariff via Mycambio and perhaps change the financial contribution.

  • Are you only temporarily increasing your number of rides? Your best option is to purchase cambio credits. Before making a reservation, you can check the price of your ride under ‘price info’. We recommend buying slightly more credits than you think you actually need. The credits are only used for future rides and is transferred over each month if there is a budget remaining.