We are gradually switching to a new on-board computer over the next few years, which will be app-based. Our familiar technology is no longer supported, which is why we are forced to say goodbye to it.
Meanwhile, some cars have already been equipped with this cambioApp-only technology. Only those who have a smartphone and who have installed the cambioApp, will be able to reserve and use these cars. So be sure to install the cambioApp to enjoy this offer. And always make sure you have your cambioApp in your pocket.

In detail

From now on, everything happens via the cambioApp. At the start of your reservation and en route, some actions are different than what you are used to. Note: make sure you have the latest App version installed, and that your mobile data is on.

You just reserve your car the same way you do now.


  • You open your car by putting your cambio card on the card reader.
  • Beginning and ending your reservation as well as requesting the fuel PIN all had to be done on the hand module in the glove compartment.


  • Opening your cambio at the start of your reservation and closing it at the end of your reservation is easily done with the app (there is no card reader anymore).
  • You no longer need to enter your pin code to start.
  • Always check your cambio for damage and dirt. You can check the known damage in the app, or in the on-board book. You can assess the cleanliness in the app. Do you notice new damage, or did the previous user not leave the car in a good condition? Then contact the call center via the button in the app.
  • Take the key from the key holder in the glove compartment. Put the key back here at the end of your trip.
  • If you need to refuel, find the fuel card in the key holder in the glove compartment. You will find the code for this fuel card in the app.
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Do you have questions during your ride? Contact the call center via the button in the app, instead of using the yellow button on the handheld module from the glove box. You can still reach us 24/7 if you have questions or problems on the road.
Tip: make sure you always have your smartphone in your pocket with a sufficiently charged battery.