We assembled the most common (possible) extra costs.

"Respect for the car" en "respect for other users" are our core values that insure the proper functioning of carsharing. "Fairplay" fines are applied to remind the cambio-users that these principles needs to be respected. These costs are only charged if the situation requires it.

Safety Pack
The Safety Pack is an additional insurance (not mandatory - except for users in the Campus tariff) that lowers your own risk to max. €200 in case of damage or accident (€400 for a Opel Vivaro or Citroën Jumper/Jumpy).  
Activation fee 25€
Monthly fee (START, BONUS and COMFORT) €4
Monthlty fee (CAMPUS) €6
Partner card
Activation fee                                                                                                                                                                                    €25
Monthly fee       €1
Booking fee
Create, alter and cancel reservations via the reservation centre                                     € 1
24h before the start of the reservation                                                                                                    free
Less than 24h before the start of the reservation 30% of the hour
Fair play
Announced delay : the car is brought back too late after warning cambio, but the next user is hindered. € 15 + hour rate x2
Unannounced delay : the car is brought back too late WITHOUT warning cambio and another user might have been hindered. € 25 + hour rate x10
If the reserved car is not at the appointed place at the agreed time or is not ready for use, the booking can be cancelled free of charge or can be replaced by another car. If no replacement car of the same or another category is available at the same or at an acceptable neighboring station, a compensation shall be provided. €-15
Unauthorized return of the car (e.g. the fuel tanked is filled with less than 1/4 on return, incorrect connection of an e-cambio to a charging station or the car is dirty). € 25
Not checking for damage on the car before leaving the station or not reporting any new damage. € 50
Leaving the station not in accordance with the regulations such as not raising the parking barrier. € 15
An extra cleaning due to returning a dirty car € 30/h
Fair play Zone cars
Regulatory return of a zone car to an orange zone                                             € 3
Picking up a zone car from an orange zone € -3
Returning a zone car outside the orange zone € 25
Picking up a zone car from outside an orange zone € -6
Cambio card: replacement cambio or parking card                                                          € 10
Invoicing: refused domiciliation or first reminder free
Invoicing: second reminders for open invoices € 7,5
Change of tariff: one change within one year free
Change of tariff: second change within one year € 15
Traffic, GAS, parking penalty € 20