A short summary of the biggest differences:

Classic car rental: every time you want to rent a car you must fill in an order form. You are tied to the opening hours of the rental company to pick up your car.

Cambio carsharing: an order form must only be filled in once. You will receive a chip card, which grants you 24/24 and 7/7 access to our vehicles, independent of the opening hours of our offices. Moreover, you may even reserve a vehicle mere minutes before your departure.

Classic car rental: the minimum rental time is 24 hours and there are only a couple of collection points.

Cambio carsharing: the minimum reservation time is only 1 hour. The vehicles are spread all over the city on reserved parking spaces. In most larger cities we’ve already built an extensive network of stations so that you may often find a station within walking or biking reach of your home or workplace.

Classic car rental: fuel is not included in the rental rates and often only partial insurance is included. Payment must be fulfilled with a credit card.

Cambio carsharing: the following things are already included in our prices:

  • An insurance with a maximum excess of €1.000
  • Fuel

At the end of the month you will receive a detailed invoice with a summary of all your reservations. You may pay by bank transfer or direct debit.