Cambio carsharing is ideal for those who drive little. Carsharing is cheaper than owning your own car, that is if you do not drive more than 10.000 kilometers per year.

  •  You currently do not own a car, but it would be practical if you could use one occasionnally. Or once in a while you need a second car in the family.
  • You have your own car, but you would rather get rid of it. It is very expensive or needs to be replaced.
  • You mainly travel by public transport or by bike and sometimes a car would come in handy.
  • You are tired of having parking problems in your neighborhood.

Do you recognize one of these situations? Don’t wait any longer then. You can save a lot with cambio carsharing. Besides a small fix cost, you only pay when you use. Moreover you can forget about all other car related worries, as we take care of maintenance, carwash, insurance…