You may drive as much as you like, independent of your chosen tariff.

With cambio you drive “on credit”: we keep track of the total cost of all your reservations and at the end of the month we send you an invoice. This is why we ask you to pay a financial contribution at the start of your membership. The amount of this financial contribution is the basis for your usage limit: an amount you may not exceed. This takes into account any outstanding bills, an estimate of unprocessed reservations and any near future reservations.

The amount of your financial contribution (and usage limit) depends on your chosen tariff. In exchange for a higher financial contribution (in Bonus or Comfort) cambio gives you access to interesting tariffs...

Do not forget to change your tariff if your usage profile changes. Driving a lot in the Start tariff, for instance, will cost more than with the Bonus tariff. We advise you to change your tariff plan in time, if necessary.