Why this shift?

Our society is digitizing. Whether it is about your banking, medical prescriptions or concert tickets, you increasingly use your smartphone to handle everything quickly and easily. Within the world of (shared) mobility too, the smartphone is key: your shared bike or scooter, your ticket for the train, bus or tram ... An app developed for these products is often central.

This evolution has made our hardware supplier decide to no longer support the current technology (where the cambioApp and cambio card could be combined) and switch to an 'app-based' technology. This puts the use of smartphones and the cambioApp center stage. Of course, this will not happen overnight: we still have a few years to make this transition - together with you - to '100% App'.

100% app offers a lot of benefits

With the cambioApp you can already reserve your car, extend a current reservation, check damage at the start of your ride, check your usage limit and much more.
Focusing on the app will allow us to further improve our service in the future. For example, consider the damage check at the start of your ride. This in-app damage check is already a first step in this development. In time you will also be able to report new damage via the app. This will be smoother and faster than it is now.  And there are many more functions and actions that we will be able to optimize via the app.

So the cambioApp will make your cambio experience much easier. In the app we bundle everything you need before, during and after your ride. Using a cambio car will never have been easier.

100% App ... what does that mean specifically?

Are you already using the cambioApp? Then not much changes. The key is in the glove box in a different way, the start procedure is slightly different, ... but this doesn't change much about your cambio experience.

Are you not using the cambioApp yet? We recommend that you download the cambioApp and start using it as soon as possible. That way you have permanent access to our entire fleet (including the 100% app cars) and you are already prepared for the moment we switch entirely to the app.