Fuel is included in our kilometer rates, The kilometer rates are subject to monthly changes, caused by the fluctuating fuel prices. We will be looking at the fuel prices during the last week of the month. If the price is higher/lower than the prices listed in the chart below*, with each 0.15€ change meaning an increase/decrease of the kilometer rate by 0.01.

Evolution of our kilometer rates
Date Fuel price (€ per liter) Change in our kilometer rate Price reference in the Start S class
August 1st 2022 €1,93 -€0,01 €0,38
October 1st 2022 €1,72 -€0,01 €0,37
November 1st 2022 €1,88 +€0,01 €0,38
December 1st 2022 €1,77 -€0,01 €0,37
September 1st 2023 €1,88 +€0,01 €0,38

*Scale of kilometer rates.

Scale of kilometer rates.