Reserving a car in the cambioApp is possible 24/7 and wherever you are, because you always have it with you.

STEP 1: You can reserve a car via list or via map

Reserving a car via map is useful if you need a car last-minute and quickly want to check the availability at stations nearby. Or if you want to make a reservation in another cambio city.

A reservation via ‘list’:

  • Click the "reserve via list" button or the plus sign at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the station, vehicle class, date and hours.

  •  As an option, you can specify what additional equipment you want (child car seat, GPS, …) and indicate if you are planning a trip abroad.

  • Narrow down your options via the filter (regarding time, vehicle class, station)

  • Click “Search”
  • If the desired car is available, you can directly confirm your reservation.

A reservation via ‘map’:

  • The little red person shows your current position (if not: adjust your location settings). You can change your position by clicking the 'change search location' button and tapping and confirming another location on the map.
  • Your search criteria are based on the preferences from your profile. You are free to change them when making a reservation. Don't forget to click refresh to see your modified request.
  • Click on a car to confirm your reservation.


STEP 2: not a 100% match?

If there is not a 100% match between your request and the availability of our cars, you will be given a list of available alternatives.

  • The symbols (desired vehicle class, time, station) in blue meet your request.
  • If the symbols are marked in orange, they differ from your initial request.

STEP 3: Interesting tips for the ‘Proposal’ screen before you confirm your reservation:

  • Click ‘Price info’ and provide an estimate of the number of miles you will travel. You will receive the cost of your entire ride according to your rate.

  • Click on the info icon next to the station name to see a specific description of where the station is located and what you should pay extra attention to