Verify that you’re at the right station trying to open the correct vehicle, as specified on your reservation confirmation.

Check for new damages before driving off: there may be new damages cambio hasn’t been made aware of yet. The damage list in the onboard book summarizes all the reported damages. Did you find a scratch or dent that is already mentioned in this list? No further steps are required, it means we are already aware. If the damage you found is not on the list yet, we ask that you follow the procedure outlined in the onboard book.

You open the car using your cambio card of the cambioApp, answer the damage question and unlock the onboard computer with your personal code. You may take the keys after completing the aforementioned steps.

Once you have possession of the car keys these should be used to open and close the vehicle for the duration of your reservation. Only when returning the car should you use your cambio card of the cambioApp to lock the vehicle.

  1. Departure with a zone car

    The cambioApp must be used to locate a zone car. Select the option “Use parking zones” in your profile in the app to access these vehicles. 

    The current location of the vehicle will be visible in the cambioApp 15 minutes before the start of your reservation.

    The cambioApp can help you when you return the car at the end of your reservation. Park the vehicle on a regular parking space within the green zone, but never on a cambio station. Can’t find a free parking space? You may park the vehicle in the orange zone if necessary, in this case a small fee will be billed as a compensation for the next user who has to pick up the car from outside of the zone.

  2. Departure with an electric car

    A charge pass is provided inside the car. Use this card at the charging station to stop the charging. You may now disconnect the charging cable from the station (unless the cable is fixed to the charging station). Press the release button (on the key of on the dashboard) to disconnect the cable from the vehicle.

    Please remember that charging cables are expensive, never leave a loose cable unattended at the station.

    Use the charge pass to activate the charging station upon your return and reconnect the charging cable.

    Read more about electric driving here.