Remain calm, call the police and the cambio reservation centre. Follow the guidelines in the onboard book:

  1. Place the vehicle in a safe spot and place the warning triangle. Find help if necessary and call the police in any case. Never sign a guilt admission.
  2. Call the cambio reservation centre as soon as possible. They will take note of all the details about the accident and will block reservations on this vehicle for a certain period if necessary.
  3. Fill in the accident declaration found in the onboard book and send it to cambio as soon as possible.

Important: even in case of a minor collision the police should be called and an accident declaration should be filled in. Write down the details of the other driver if possible.

Cambio will follow up on the claim.

If you sign up to our Safety Pack you may lower your excess to a maximum of €200 (or €400 in the case of an XL vehicle).  Read more about the Safety Pack here.