In the cambioApp, you can accept (or decline) the invitation from your employer. For this, you need the invitation code that you received by email. After going through the process, you will have immediate access to all cambio cars.

Here's how you proceed:

  1. Download our cambioApp,
  2. Click on 'other'.

  3. Choose 'Belgium' and if asked, select a Flemish/Walloon city.

  4. Click on the 'accept/decline invitation' button and enter the invitation code from the invitation email.

  5. For verification, you will be asked for a 6-digit verification code. You just received it via SMS.

  6. You have 3 options:

    1. Accept the invitation as an existing user. If you are already an active user/customer with cambio, this is the best option. Log in with your known username and password.

    2. Accept the invitation as a new user. Choose this option if you have never been a cambio user before. Fill in all missing details and create your personal username and password.

    3. Decline the invitation. Let us know why you are declining the invitation exactly. We will inform the appropriate person, and your data will be deleted.

  7. You will receive an email with your pin code. You need this to confirm your reservations in the cambioApp and to access the cambio cars. If you have logged in as an existing user, you can use your known pin code from your other customer number.

  8. Watch our online information session.

  9. Reserve away!


I already use the cambioApp. How do I accept the invitation?

Go to your settings in the menu at the bottom (gear with customer number) and scroll down. Choose 'accept/decline invitation'. Enter the 6-digit code you just received via SMS. Log in with your known username and password and verify all details. From now on, you can also reserve cars using your organization's customer number. It's extra handy that your pin code is the same for both accounts. Make sure you are reserving under the correct customer number. Easily switch between customer numbers via your settings.

How long is the invitation valid?

The invitation is valid for 4 weeks. After those 4 weeks, we will delete all (personal) data. If you want to register later on, you will need to ask your employer to send a new invitation.

Can I decline the invitation?

Yes, you can. After entering the verification code, you can decline the invitation. You can provide the reason for declining. We will pass on the message to the person who invited you.

What is the purpose of the 6-digit verification code?

This is an additional security measure. This ensures that we have the correct phone number and are addressing the right person. This can be important for communicating any reservation changes. The code is only requested once. It remains valid for 10 minutes. You can always request a new code.

What should I do if my data is incorrect?

Decline the invitation and ask your employer to issue a new invitation. We will delete the incorrect data from our system. Are the data in gray? Then it's best to contact customer service. They can adjust your data or check under Mycambio.

Do I have to attend the information session?

We strongly recommend attending the information session. Through the session, we explain how cambio works exactly. This way, you know exactly how to use our cars, avoiding problems or wasting time.

I used to be a cambio user, but I don't have an active account now. What should I do?

You can sign up as a 'new user'. Fill in all your details and create a new username and password. You will receive a new pin code and will be able to make reservations immediately.