In the settings you can customize your profile according to your preferences.

  • If you have different customer numbers (e.g. your personal account and the account you got from your employer), you can switch here. At the bottom you can always see which account you are using

  • Check ‘User-defined’ if you want to customize to your preferences.
  • Check 'Price comparison' if you always want a price comparison for alternative proposals if the offer does not fully match your reservation request.

  • Choose your default car classes and stations
  • Select your preferred equipment if this should apply to all your reservations
  • Having problems with the cambioApp? Send us your feedback via email. That email will automatically include information about your device (type and operating system). The support can then detect the problem more easily.
  • If you have received an invitation (e.g. from your employer), you can accept it via this button.