Better than a company car

Cambio carsharing offers you an entire fleet and takes care of all maintenance. Carefree cars: easy, advantageous and good for the environment.

Cambio for professionals

Cambio carsharing is also available for companies, independent, and organizations, because why own a company car if you can share one?

With cambio, you and your co-workers have an entire fleet of cars over the whole of Belgium at your disposal. And this without any worries. Cambio provides the maintenance, cleaning and even the fuel payments for the vehicles. You only need to pay for the mobility you really require.

Thanks to cambio you are able to use a car fit for your transportation needs. Carsharing is also convenient whilst from home, because anyone can reserve a car in his or her neighborhood.

Will your company choose cambio as a smart and environmentally friendly mobility solution?

A happy community, with more than 60.000 members

cambio est la solution mobilité qui s'adapte à votre entreprise. 

Your car without any worries

Good for the environment, good for your wallet and easy ... it is all inclusive.

Available everywhere
Fuel included
Free parking in your city
Maintenance included
No more cleaning
Fully insured
Breakdown assistance
Call centre

Your fleet

Flexibility is our middle name! You always have the choice: a small city car, a comfortable break or a van. Book the car via the cambioAPP and the car will be ready for you.

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Find out about cambio in your neighbourhood

With cambio you have access to more than 2000 cars in +80 cities. A cosy little car? Comfortable car for 4 or more luxury for 7? Our cars are waiting for you 24/7.