Which cars does cambio offer?

We offer different car models. Depending on your trip ... you can choose the most appropriate car. Our cars are subdivided in different price classes (XS, S, M, L and XL). Not every car type is available in each city. By clicking on a car you can see all car details.

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Is autodelen iets voor mij?

Autodelen is de ideale oplossing voor wie weinig rijdt. Tot pakweg 10.000 kilometer per jaar, kom je voordeliger uit met cambio dan met een eigen wagen.

  • Je hebt momenteel nog geen wagen, maar af en toe zou het wel handig zijn een auto ter beschikking te hebben. Of af en toe zou een 2e wagen in het gezin van pas komen.
  • Je bezit een eigen wagen, maar je wil die liever kwijt. Hij kost je teveel geld of is dringend aan vervanging toe.
  • Je verplaatst je hoofdzakelijk met bus, tram, trein en/of fiets, maar op sommige momenten zou een auto handiger zijn.
  • Je bent de parkeerproblemen in je buurt beu.

Herken je je in 1 van bovenstaande situaties, dan is cambio echt iets voor jou. Met cambio kun je heel wat besparen: de vaste kosten zijn minimaal en je betaalt naargelang het gebruik. Bovendien hoef je je niks van de auto's aan te trekken. Onderhoud, carwash, verzekering ... daar zorgen wij voor.

What’s the difference between carsharing and car rental?

A short summary of the biggest differences:

Classic car rental: every time you want to rent a car you must fill in an order form. You are tied to the opening hours of the rental company to pick up your car.

Cambio carsharing: an order form must only be filled in once. You will receive a chip card, which grants you 24/24 and 7/7 access to our vehicles, independent of the opening hours of our offices. Moreover, you may even reserve a vehicle mere minutes before your departure.

Classic car rental: the minimum rental time is 24 hours and there are only a couple of collection points.

Cambio carsharing: the minimum reservation time is only 1 hour. The vehicles are spread all over the city on reserved parking spaces. In most larger cities we’ve already built an extensive network of stations so that you may often find a station within walking or biking reach of your home or workplace.

Classic car rental: fuel is not included in the rental rates and often only partial insurance is included. Payment must be fulfilled with a credit card.

Cambio carsharing: the following things are already included in our prices:

  • A fully comprehensive insurance with a maximum excess of €1.000
  • Fuel

At the end of the month you will receive a detailed invoice with a summary of all your reservations. You may pay by bank transfer or direct debit.

Do I have to pay for the fuel myself?

No, fuel (either electricity or gasoline) is included in the price. We do expect you to refuel if there is less than a quarter in the tank.

What about the invoice? It goes straight to cambio because you can pay with the fuel card that is provided in every cambio car.

What to do in case of an accident?

Accidents can happen to any of us. There is no need to worry: as a cambio member you are well insured with a maximum excess of €1000 or even less if you opt for a Safety Pack.

Safety first in case of an accident! Think about the warning triangle, high visibility vests, etc. Take a look in the onboard book for further instructions.

Know that our reservation centre can be reached at any time and can assist you in case of an accident.

All our vehicles are subscribed to the VAB breakdown service, which you can rely on at any time.

Will a car always be available to me?

We try our very best: just give it a go!

Our carsharing fleet is constantly expanding along with the ever growing cambio community. Over 90% of all reservation requests can be fulfilled. That’s a lot considering that over 1 in 5 reservations are made less than an hour before departure. Those who make their reservation ahead of time will definitely have a lot of options to choose from.

Have you already planned that party or important meeting next month? Go ahead and make your reservation already: reservations can be made up to 9 months before departure.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, the amount depends on the chosen tariff. This amount also is the basis for your usage limit.

This limit isn’t an amount you need to use monthly but it sets a maximum amount that you may not exceed.

Outstanding bills, an estimate of unprocessed reservations and estimated costs for future reservations are all taken in account to calculate your available usage limit.

Kan ik een auto reserveren in een andere stad of regio?

Ja, met jouw cambio-kaart kan je in gans België en zelfs in de Duitse cambio-steden auto’s ontlenen. 

Voor gebruik in Duitsland neem je best even contact op met de klantendienst.

Can I quit cambio carsharing at any given time?

There is no minimum subscription term for cambio members.

A two week notice before the end of the month must be given for the termination of your contract. Of course, you may make use of our cambio vehicles up until the last day of your contract. We will be happy to welcome you back if you change your mind.

What if I return the car too late?

As many of our members reserve some extra time this issue can mostly be avoided.

Should it happen after all, your first priority should be to notify our reservation centre. They will notify the next users and find them an alternative if necessary.

You may also easily extend your reservation using the cambioApp.