In the bottom menu, under 'my reservations', you will find an overview of all your future reservations. By clicking on your reservation, you can change it (location, vehicle class or time) or cancel it (free of charge up to 24 hours before your reservation).
You can edit the following things:

  • Station
  • Vehicle class
  • Time
  • Driver: if the contract is on your name and not on the name of your partner (or you have the necessary rights), you can change the driver of this reservation. Even if the trip has already started.
  • Equipment
  • Comment on invoice: you can also change this after your ride. This is possible up to the moment the invoices are prepared.
  • Distance (only in case you have reserved an electric cambio).


  • Only the details with a grey ‘>’ can be edited. If there is no arrow, it is no longer possible to make changes.
  • If your reservation has already started, you can no longer change the station, vehicle class, equipment or starting time of your reservation. Do you still want to make changes? This can only be done by canceling the remaining time and making a new reservation.
  • I If no one has reserved after you, you can always extend your reservation. You can change the end time via the reservation, or via the ‘Extend’ button on the home screen.