What is the range? Am I allowed to drive more kilometers?

When reserving an e-cambio you have to provide your estimated amount of kilometers or estimated range before being able to click ‘reserve’. We ask for the ‘estimated amount of kilometers’ when making a reservation, because we want to assure you the battery is sufficiently charged to be able to finish your trip. If you can estimate this correctly, you will never face an issue.

Driving more kilometers during your trip is absolutely no problem, of course. We just ask that you perform a charge along the way. This can be done with the charging pass in the car, at every public charging point. Absolutely free, of course.  For example, if you estimate your trip being 50km but you end up driving 100km during your reservation, you need to recharge. Our guideline is: for every 25km you drive, you need to add 10% worth of charge. This way you don’t inconvenience the next user.

With this handy tool you can when exactly you need to charge during longer drives: (https://abetterrouteplanner.com/ ). Enjoy e-cambio!