Is the Campus rate relevant for me?

Older than 25 years? Do you own your driving license for more than 2 years? You can then make your very own choice from all our rates.

If this is not the case, the Campus rate only applies.

For only € 9 per month (monthly fee + Safety Pack) you have access to the cambio fleet in your city and in the other cambio cities in Belgium. You can choose from all our city cars (car class S - not electric) and our small vans (car class M - not electric).

How much does it cost?

Monthly fee € 4
One-time activation cost € 35
Class S - standard city car
Hour rate (from 6am - till 00pm) € 2.3
Night hour rate (from 00pm - till 6am) € 0.5
Kilometer rate (<100km) €0,39
Kilometer rate (>100km) €0,27
Day (24h) € 26.5
Week (7d) € 159
Class M - more space
Hour rate (from 6am - till 00pm) € 2.9
Night hour rate (from 00pm - till 6am) € 0.5
Kilometer rate (<100km) €0,40
Kilometer rate (>100km) €0,28
Day (24h) € 33.5
Week (7d) € 159
Safety pack € 6 / month
Digital invoice € -1 / month

Financial contribution - deposit

During your subscription you pay a mandatory financial deposit : your contribution to enable the carsharing system. That way we can create a more sustainable mobility. 

When ending your contract the financial contribution will be reimbursed.  At the same time this contribution counts as some kind of guarantee. 

Your car without any worries

Good for the environment, good for your wallet and easy ... it is all inclusive.

Available everywhere
Fuel included
Free parking in your city
Maintenance included
No more cleaning
Fully insured
Breakdown assistance
Call centre