With our registration tool, you can easily add employees to your cambio business account yourself. Your employees will automatically gain access to our cambio cars after downloading and personalizing the cambioApp. Here's how it works:

  1. You have a username and password to log in to Mycambio. Logging in with a customer number and PIN is no longer sufficient.
  2. Ensure that you are registered as the 'account representative' in the file. If not, please contact customer service. Only the account representative can add new employees to a business account. So, you retain control.
  3. Log in to our corporate portal 'cambio B2B Check-in' with your username and password (≠ Mycambio).
  4. Select the account to which you wish to add employee(s).
  5. Enter the personal details of your employee:

    • Name and surname

    • Date and place of birth

    • Emailadress

    • Mobile number

  6. The employee will receive an email with a personal invitation code. With this invitation code, the employee can accept your invitation in the cambioApp. Here you can find more information about what the employee needs to do. In the confirmation screen, you will also receive the invitation code and can download a document of the entered data.
  7. It is your responsibility to check if this employee has a valid driver's license and has attended our information session.
  8. Sit back en relax!


How do I add multiple employees?

You must add each employee separately. For each added employee, you can download a CSV file.

How long is the invitation code valid?

The invitation is valid for 4 weeks. After that, all data will be erased. To still grant the employee access to our cars, you will need to send a new invitation.

Do I need to keep the invitation code?

In principle, no. Only the employee needs the invitation code to accept (or decline) your invitation. Only if you want to retract an invitation do you need the invitation code.

Can the employee decline the invitation?

Yes, the employee can decline the invitation. In that case, all personal data will be deleted. This can happen if there is an error in the provided personal data. The employee will specify the correct reason in the app. You will be informed about this via email. Issue a new invitation with the correct personal data.

Does the employee have immediate access to the cars?

Yes, as soon as the employee accepts the invitation, he/she can reserve a cambio car. He/she will receive an email with the personal cambio PIN code. This PIN code is necessary to confirm reservations in the cambioApp. The employee books and unlocks the car with the cambioApp. We no longer send a cambio card to this employee unless specifically requested through customer service.

How can I know if my employees have accepted the invitation?

In Mycambio (≠ the 'cambio B2B Check-in' portal), you can see all employees who are active under your business account. You can filter by active and inactive users. Employees who have declined your invitation or have not accepted it on time will not be in that list.

My employee is already a member of cambio. What happens then?

He/she can accept your invitation via the settings in the cambioApp. In the cambioApp, he/she can easily switch customer numbers in the settings so that reservations are booked on the correct account.

My employee used to be a cambio member but not anymore. What now?

He/she needs to accept the invitation as a 'new user'. A new file will be cretaed for the employee.

Can I make reservations via the 'cambio B2B Check-in' portal?

No, you need the cambioApp or Mycambio for that. The 'cambio B2B Check-in' portal is only for adding (new) employees under your cambio business account.

Who manages the reservations?

Anyone with access to the cambioApp can make reservations. If you wish, you can receive a copy of the confirmation email for each reservation made under your business account. This way, you stay informed about your employees' reservations. Please contact customer service for this.

In some cases, it may be useful to have reservations centralized with one person. For this, you can appoint a 'reservation manager.' He/she can manage reservations for the employees, adjust existing reservations, switch users, etc. All users can still make and edit their own reservations.

What is the difference between Mycambio and 'cambio B2B Check-in'?

'Cambio B2B Check-in' is only used to add new employees under your business account. In 'Mycambio,' you can manage your reservations, request invoices and trip lists, change contact information, etc.